I’m always looking for more ways to optimize my hosting location any way I can to accommodate you better and a wider audience as well. I wanted to do something really cool to hallmark the opening of the bigger, better and sexier Mia’s Playhouse. Already outfitted with 360VR recording/live streaming, camming studio, resident playgirl Christie Carmichael, a bottomless pharmaceutical collection designed for your performance needs, every peice of Lingirie ever imagined, 24/7 availablity, PLUS Moi, it was going to be a tall order. It’s hard shopping for the girl that has it all. But one thing I don’t have is a really die hard, quality collection of costumes. Yes I have a few, the trademark nurse outfit and about 26 versions of a secretary. But what about being able to be anyone you want me to be? A cheerleader? Police officer? Super Hero? Snow Fucking White, lol! Thanks to the generosity of a very kind and loyal MPH patron, we are excited to provide Cosplay. Let the games begin boys.