This April I'm rolling out some changes in response to the current national crisis. I rented an air BNB thru the first of may and I'm now hosting out of a certifiably sanitized space. There is a bin by the door for you to strip down upon entry. I have clean towels and hibiclens soap for the shower and I myself am taking extra precautions in my booking by hiring a semi retired entertainer whose responsibility will solely be to book and vet out my inquiries. After this is over, we will cut the proverbial ribbon on Mia's Playhouse v2.0, a really cool down town 4 bedroom home in the historic district. Each bedroom will be themed, one is Fetish and S&M, one us GFE, and the third room I'm formally introducing tantra-an art I have practiced for over ten years in cadence with my former asana practice (credited with teaching 15 MME fighters among others). I'm excited to extend the erotic quality of the yoga culture to the Phoenix hobbyists and proud to have found a way to fuse both worlds of mine together. I look forward to making you all a member of this unique hybrid sub culture.