It’s important to me to be transparent. I think without trust and candor, my efforts are futile. Some of you know me more than others, but I want to share with all of you more about me so you can understand where I come from. I grew up in the south and had a blessed upbringing and a misfortunate young adulthood that I am 💯 % responsible for. I am a married woman, with an angel for a husband who supports my endeavors with the promise of an “end game”. I have been a sex worker for 18 years. Through out my journey I have experienced an eclectic patchwork quilt of hands on practical. From advising married men and uncovering the truth behind the failure of the institution of marriage, to research the kink and mental misfires of fetish across the board. I have developed proof that said misfires are in fact innate, and in contrast a few (furries)-I believe to be contrived. I want to enlighten to world to the complications of love, sex and romance. I want to aid law enforcement in the fight to stop human trafficking by putting them in the right direction, the places that aren’t being scrutinized but are actually to true perpetrators. I want to treat the shame, guilt and pain associated with sex our society has created, in hope of affecting the rate of sex crimes in our nation. I want to change the world, a long shot I suppose from high class companion. But in my opinion, there isn’t another better suited for the job. Since entering my 30s, my approach in my Field has evolved to one of integrity and intention. What I do counts in this life. I have healed hearts, salvaged marriages, restored esteem, and provided renewed leases on life. I was afforded an interactive field study of a same sex controlled environment and witnessed from a very pragmatic view the difference between men and women surviving a primal society. This study clearly demonstrated the alpha beta roles established by both sexes, the mortal need for males to establish a caste system while the women sought desperately for a partner to nest with. My life is my resume, and my trauma has provided my body of work. I hope to organize these findings in to a comprehensive media that could potentially help us all find happiness. To every one of you that has confided in me, listened to my theories, taken my advise to ♥️, and given me a piece of your own- your contribution is much appreciated.