When a friend called me last nite and told me that TER was again open to American members, I was very surprised. I thought the forum would never see the light of day again. My aforementioned advisor also told me that several girls she spoke with had expressed discontent about the moderators return, and even went as far as to say they were intending on delisting. I rolled my eyes at the thought. Is this some weak attempt at modern feminism, which-if I haven’t expressed this before-I am staunchly opposed. Modern feminism, in fact, is the antagonist of feminism. Modern feminism is the reason that relationships are so difficult and why some women struggle to find happiness. Modern feminism in a nutshell teaches women to subvert from thier inclinations to fulfill a beta role in an alpha beta dynamic by gassing them up with poetic one liners and thought provoking editorials that boast zero factual basis however appeal largely to the females superior Emotional Quotient (EQ). If anyone cares to know the truth about feminism, look no further than your childhood toy collection. Until the 1960s, all little girls had to play with was baby dolls. At a young age, toddlers would be dragging baby dolls around with them no matter where they went. It didn’t take long for the toddlers maternal instincts to kick in, by the ripe age of six they were rocking the baby dolls, bottle feeding baby dolls, dressing baby dolls and putting baby dolls down for a nap. Couple this skillset with the sears toy kitchen stove and by 8 little girls were well prepared to enter in to a miserable marriage with no identity, little opportunity for enrichment, and frankly no possible chance of self actualization that would be the basis for which she would ideally choose her suitor. Then one day this beautiful, big tittied blue eyed blond amazon woman came about and changed everything. She was hot, she had style, her life was fabulous and she donned a impressive resume which included but was not limited to doctor, lawyer, veterinarian, teacher-the list goes on and on. There was no limit to what this hottie could do. Her name was Barbie, and her mission was to change the world. In my opinion, she succeeded. From her birth/debut in 1959 until present, Barbie was constantly the center of controversy. They would deconstruct her appearance, her body, accuse her of sending the wrong message to little girls, and tried to force her to change. She did her best to try and everyone happy. She got a black friend and an Asian one too. She put on 20 pounds and changed the way she dressed. The result was a frumpy squatty doll that no one looked up to that very badly missed her Ken. Barbie in her original state, represents true feminism. She was feminine, hot, smart, dynamic, independent-she had her own mansion and sweet ride!-and she loved Ken. What feminism today has done is taught women that all the wonderful qualities that define being a woman are the ones we should rebuff. Which when you think about it, where does that leave women. Ew. Now what does Barbie have to do with TER? Well let me get in to that. It seems as though, at the apparent death of TER 20 months ago, there is a common conception amongst many of the providers-excluding myself, although to be forthcoming my career on TER was sadly less than two years thus far-that TER is a platform used to bully companions in to providing services they are otherwise uncomfortable with at the risk of getting a bad review. These girls are obsessed with these reviews. I never got that obsession. All publicity is good publicity and even my worst review still was the catalyst for more bookings. But you see many of my peers sadly base thier self worth on YOUR (the hobbyists, clients, etc) opinion of them, on the donations value and the price of the gifts on thier wishlist. And to think Barbie caught such a racket burns me up! This, is the antagonist of feminism. My time is worth my availablity x demand - overhead = rate. Not my i.q. x my weight - my cup size = self worth. And the truth is, TER was developed and exists solely for the Man. We have our own forums to vent and talk shit, and I’ve never seen a client retire from the hobby based on a few girls distaste. And that’s the difference between Barbie and Ken. Barbie allowed the feminists to bully her and changed herself to appease them, which ultimately in the end proved thier point that she too was the antagonist. What did Ken do? Sat in the passenger of the corvette and enjoyed the ride. Footnote: I am a proud conservative with shockingly traditional views and some ideals that the general mass find offensive. I am also a true feminist that believes women can do anything, and part of developing a healthy society is for women to assume the beta role to thier husband because that is a proven fact to be what is innate. Women Nest. Men assert dominance. Preach, sistah.