December Special
I have often tried to encourage others to participate is social causes by providing incentives in exchange for proof of the selfless deeds. Today I saw something disturbing. Wiki Leaks, a non censored site that publishes anonymous submissions of whistle blowers with the documents leveraging thier claim attached-is in danger of bankruptcy. Since 2006, the document archive website WikiLeaks has published thousands of these claims typically unavailable to the general public. Knowledge is power, and the thought of losing this non profit outfit truly frightens me. I know I can't do much alone, but if I use my voice I can do more. This month thru January I'm matching every dollar you donate to wiki leaks in the form of a discount from my rate. If you donate 300, that's a free session. This cause is important to all of us-whether you realize it or not-we can't let wiki leaks go bust. If you are looking for some good karma and a good blow Job, gentlemen- I think I have your solution.