Im not trying to re invent the wheel here. Im interested in taking a controversial service and pioneering what i hope to be a future mandate. The modifications made to the most lucrative industry worldwide that still manages to boast the most remedial business plan will unfortunately not stop prostitution. But what I can promise you is the tragic side effects and detriment to lives that Candy/Bella/or Tiffany usually leave as a parting gift to the host...it WILL BE ELIMINATED. Let’s be unabashed and say what everyone else is frantically googling. Who are the hookers in America today? Do they look like Julia in her epic role sporting those thigh high boots (they decided the right side zipper wasn’t going to make it this winter, but no one at the Reg Bev Whilsh would be looking at the paper clip on her boot anyway). Are they Heidi Fleiss-rubbing elbows with Hollywood’s insatiable and pocketing folds of hundreds from on top of the dresser? What about the assistant at ur investment firm, is she one? The honey highlighted head in front of you in cheacket that’s toe tapping bc this will be her third tardy while need deep in a mass torte lit. She’s not one, right? That is ludicrous. As you read this missive you will wonder what such a bright group of young adults were thinking, by even embarking on this project. Sex work is for a sub culture that lacks basic skill sets. Desperate for survival, they opted to liquidate thier god given stock in leui of starvation. Is that what you think? They live in hotels, need drugs to medicate pain, their bad parents too, right? No. Your not right. Your behind the times and it’s time everyone gets caught up. The lawyer that was clocking tardies last week? After arriving late to work,she ducked out 10 minutes early. That hotshot attorney is moonlighting at nite. Why wouldn’t she? Her bi weekly checks as an attorney don’t supercede what she made on that evenings dinner date. She’s has three kids that she’s determined to provide a college education for. I know her, she has a safe in her wall with six figures cold inside. A brilliant psychologist with a thriving practice and exquisite mind arranges her fragile calander to accommadate two kinds of clients. One kind is her patients. The other set of clientele are what you might know to be called “Jon’s”. An excerpt from her website: I've lead a pretty interesting life, that has included coming to the US at a young age, being in the military, and earning a graduate degree just to name a few. I think these experiences have helped to shape me into the woman who I am. I've always enjoyed exploring my sensual side and consider myself very adventurous and open-minded.  I have a professional career which makes for some busy days but  I love what I do so often times it doesn't even feel like work.  Connecting with others is one of my favorite things which is why I enjoy this adventure.  To be clear, that’s not the site promoting her work in the medical field. Another corporate executive was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer five years ago. It was the sex industry that afforded her the medical care that saved her life. Not State Farm. An excerpt from corporate America’s double life:  Let's explore our culinary palette and then explore each other for dessert.  I am versed on many subjects and can carry on an engaging conversation with your clients, business partners or college friends.   We as a society have so foolishly cultivated a generation of men and women that equate sex with perversion. So when your rationale is telling you that the pleasure that your body is feeling is wrong and disgusting and shameful what kind of problems do you suppose could arise from this? Did you ever consider that the progression of deviancy in our society is a result of our shortsighted misguidance? The truth is sex is complicated, romance is complicated, monogamy is challenging. You have a married couple both in their 50s. The woman is going through menopause simotaneously to her husband in his sexual prime and you wonder why no one can stay monogamous. It is literally not natural. What the sex industry has been able to provide is a streamlined service that has filled needs without the complications of affairs and hurt feelings. GThe service I provide is no different then the CPA who does your taxes. You can do them yourself for free but it’s a headache you hate paperwork all over the place and he always does it better anyways. So instead of fighting the inevitable, having a grandiose belief that you can actually shut down the oldest occupation in history, how about regulate it? how about get involved, how about taking a piece of that billion dollar pie for yourself and allowing us girls an opportunity at a taxable income? You can criminalize advertising on US servers you can bully the girls walking down the street in short skirts or maybe could you show us a better way. And maybe we could stop the sex trafficking problem by removing the sex industry from the black market. Is it a radical concept? I don’t think so. If I remember correctly, Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ home girl.
Mary Mags Was Jesus’ Bottom Bitch