This April kicks off #MenToo, a month of celebration honoring the alpha sex. At Mia’s Playhouse, the girls and I are doing everything we can to show you boys how much we appreciate you. This time last year, the hags in Hollywood made history with the movement #metoo. Stormy came forward and broke the code. Trump got his panties in a knot and sesta/FOSTA was signed. Then the most prolific moderators of our time went ghost over nite, we woke up one morning to login pages blocked to the US. I watched over the weeks as the ladies and gentleman of our community grieved the loss of the online memoir that had archived all our indiscretions. No more top 100, no way to insure a booking, and for the hobbyists-no more secret society of friends that knew more intimate details about them than their own family. We didn’t know what the future held, but time marched on and here we are Today, evolved...we shed a little extra weight, tuned up the fine points, and became a more gracious and forgiving community. So boys, this month is for you. I’m extending $100 off hour bookings and $50 of half hour bookings (incall only) for anyone that donates to my clothing drive for recently released incarcerated men. I am taking clothes, gift cards, toiletries and for any job offers that develop in to fruition-I am extending a free session. So help your fellow Man in need rise up and keep your sex the stronger faster smarter sex like we all know you are😉. Mia’s Manday-local craft beers from the pub to keep us refreshed and hydrated Hump Day Wednesday-banana splits on me, bowl and spoon optional Fuck Me Friday-Boursin and shortbread paired with Sauvignon blanc and multi hour discounts on outcall bookings, call for details.