I want to apologize to you all for neglecting to inform and update you this past year. I feel a strong sense of responsibility to educate on and develop an open platform of conversation on matters that are almost always abandoned despite at the very root of it-sex is our most primal and relevant duty. It is-after all-LIFE. The past year has been emotionally wrought with unprovoked awareness that has resulted in a paralyzing silence for me. My opinion on the state of affairs in our country are incredibly strong and unwavering. The last thing I want to do is create a divide between myself and the men and women I serve on this platform. The conversations I have challenged all of you to have can not become the sacrificial lamb of the political unrest we currently exist in. I am struggling to overcome this crippling silence, believe me it isn't because I'm not trying. But there is this neon pink proverbial elephant in the room...it seems trite to discuss the death of the blowjob postnuptial when literal genocide is being committed across the globe to unwitting volunteers. I'm asking for your patience and acceptance should I muster the courage to express myself again at some point. I'm asking you to hear me, take what fits and forget the rest. This is a time when love and respect and freedom of speech threatens to become a distant memory. I would not forgive myself if I evoked anything but those three things out of the people generous enough to spend their valuable time reading what I have to say. Please stay positive right now, and don't underestimate the unequivocal power of intention. Consider the thought that just might be all were left.