Winter Specials
Everyday I come up to my exit on the 51 and I see the same panhandler. I always begrudgingly pull out my purse and relieve my wallet if the small bills and hand them over wordlessly. I don’t care if he buys booze. Don’t care if he buys crack. Whatever gets him through the day. My life is blessed and I never forget it. I rest my head in a big comfy bed, I drive a nice car and my clothes are high end. It hasn’t always been that way. Ten years ago I went from a penthouse to a shed and I’ll never forget it. Where that guy at the highland exit has been-only he knows. It’s not for us to judge. I don’t want to hear the holier than tho profess fictitious trips to the grocery to purchase food for the pan handlers in lieu of passing them money because they “refuse to enable their addiction”. That never happened. The people that say it did are judgmental, greedy, selfish twats. This month at Mias Playhouse the special is Pay It Forward. If you stop and give either a panhandler or homeless person money-with no conditions, no advice, no strings-just wordlessly hand it to them, I’ll match you. Give them a 50, I’ll knock off 100. Give them 25, I’ll knock off 50. Or give them a 100, I’ll knock off 200. So that would be 100 to me for an hour appointment and 100 to the person you choose. Please provide proof by video-see real life example by my sweet client that kicked this October off!