I pride myself on being an individual. I get really perturbed with a lot of my peers in this business. It is full of Divas, self absorption, legends in their own minds...when the very crux of what we’re supposed to be doing is Service. One of the things that crawls up my ass are these ridiculous outlandish ✈️-Me-to-you campaigns the girls propagate where for the bargain price if one million dollars you can fly one of these bougiouse hookers to your home town, buy her breakfast lunch and dinner, pay for the hotel, pay her 2k+ rate oh and by the way-she’s registered at Agent Provacatuer, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, wears a 38 in European shoes-its enough to make me homicidal. So I’ve always been kinda determined to corner the market on these presumptuous and tacky broads, offering a Avenue that would allow me to fly to anywhere in the world without the expense and expectations falling up on one man. This Summer I am introducing Show Me the World tour where I come to you no matter where you are from and the only commitment you need to make to me is a 2 hour appointment. I hope that this will open up doors to gentlemen that have been curious to meet me, give me an opportunity to travel and give you a chance to show me how it’s done where your from. As a result, I think that those Fly-me-to-you girls will finally get real when they have to offer a rate that competes with my own and elite companionship will be available to socioeconomic levels across the board as it should be. Bc I think we all need a little ♥️-don’t you?