Happy Holidays everyone, I want to express much gratitude to you all for being part of my world and for taking the time out of your lives to notice me, read what I have to say, watch my silly selfie stick porn star clips, and for evolving with my ever changing look and styles thru my portfolio. This year has been different to say the least, but I try to remain positive and keep my focus on what was advantageous about a perplexing situation. 1. Certain economic levels of society enjoyed a large flush of money they were not expecting or used to getting and able to buy things they up until that point, had only dreamed of. Some started businesses, others invested and upgraded existing businesses and a few got great boob jobs. Holler! 2. Senior generations of the work force have realized they can work from home and the world won't stop, creating an exciting shift in the real estate market and who knows, maybe in time-a reappropriation of gross wealth. 3. Shocking truths surfaced about the people that we consider leaders of our country on both the left and right wing. As the pressure from a sensational pandemic mounted, politicians unraveled and left us all wondering "who are the people that we have invested our trust in to lead our nation?" 4. While those in politics surged down a volatile spiral, on the flip, a wave of creativity and a fresh eye replenished the artists of our time, resulting in the creation of art and media that set a higher bar for standards and what should be expected from a craft practiced with thought and integrity. 5. A bond was created between all of us, as we pointedly ordered our Postmates from the non franchised establishments and ended each phone call with a reminder to stay healthy. Covid 19 is a worldwide effort to cleanse this planet of the trash and riff raff it has piled up over the course of 100 years since the last worldwide effort. Our priorities have shifted, the way we regard our health has been upgraded, and most importantly the way we regard one another has. That is why this year I want to open my home on Thursday to all you sexy wild bachelors that can't seem to be tamed by a lady just yet. If your going to be alone for this holiday, please know you do not have to be. I'll be having a fabulous dinner at my wild house with my Motley Crue and I'd be honored to have you join us. Please shoot me a text for details and to the rest of you fortunate enough to have families this year, count your blessings and don't take them for granted. xxxbb