The many shades of sexuality span across a wide range as varied as the token rainbow that symbolizes the gay pride movement of the nineties, a progression quite elementary in comparison to the state of sexual affairs today. Back then, it was gay, straight, or bi. Today, it's homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, pansexual, transsexual and everything in between that has not yet been christened with an appropriate acronymic addendum to the LGBT assertion. It would appear that, in cadence with the complexities of the human dynamic-sexuality today is suddenly the wild child, free spirited creative non judgmental liberal little sister to a more right wing appropriate bilateral version I came to know as young teen growing up in the nineties. I empathize with the civilian side of society, those not considered a patron to the arts or hobbyist. As I have expressed before, sex is as complicated as it is vital-and I couldn't mean the word vital any more literal. We live in a time where information is exchanged from all four corners of the world with a click of a button, where an irresponsible subculture is solely responsible for the images that feed our fantasy, and a void exists in place of an open dialogue-why is it no one can say in confidence what exists in the dark corners of the subconscious? When a client arrives for a session, I begin customizing the ambience in the room to suit the client. One of several questions that comes up is-what kind of porn do you like? Without fail, almost every time the answer is "um...just whatever you like is great." I press further. Come on, are you kinky? Like taboo? I watch amatuer incest, come on pick your poison. At the sound of my confession the pressure in the room lifts and I become a confidant. I know there is shame attached to the images that arouse us, so I try to educate u on why it is you need these images to fuel your fire. It's not as simple as one thinks, she watches daddy porn, she has daddy issues. He likes interracial, he revels in symbolic female desecration. The brain displays a physiological response to pornographic images everytime it's exposed : everytime you watch an extreme sex act, and by extreme I just mean anything above and beyond male/female missionary, everytime you expose your brain to these extreme and truly unlikely sexual images-it creates a physical groove in your brain wave pattern which results in an offset of your neurological responses often connecting the erogonous zone with very non sexual things (ie:feet). Not only does this result in an offset, it also develops a set mandate, making climaxing impossible in absence of the images. The scary part? It's irreconcilable. So when you look at the progression of porn the past 20 years and attach it to the widening range of sexual options familiar today-its not far from reality to assume the porn industry is actually responsible and accountable for our deviancies, our fetishes, our deepest darkest secrets. I want you to let that sink in, the great power that is wielded by quite possibly the most vapid and self serving element of society and consider what kind of power it has had over you in your life. What is your secret? Can you say it out loud? Could you share it with me? What about your partner? Now consider this-if it wasn't a secret, do you think it would still have power?