Guys and girls, this has been quite a year. When I built this site in January, Instagram had just disabled my 3rd page in a row and the team of remote employees I contracted in India had wiped the server of The Brooke Banks Experience, a long laborious and costly effort gone in a poof. I had zero agenda for this little site. I just wanted a space I could post my content without censorship and a lot of drama. The domain name wasn’t my first pick, but you see Mias Playhouse was already a sub domain on the virtual hijacked Brooke Banks Experience, so I just took what I could get. My intention at the time was: “Throw up a splash page, get some photos up, and have a link to provide when authenticity was challenged.” At not any point did I imagine what has evolved today. It was a slow start at first, but at the time it didn’t matter. It was MINE. I was safe here. I could post freely and had security that it would be there when I woke up. I’m not really sure when the shift happened. I mean, I could go through analytics and tell you I suppose. But I mean the shift with me, where MPG became my platform to voice issues that some didn’t have the guts, provide media that led to a better understanding of what my role is in this community and in this life is, and to build my eclectic coalition of like minded men and women that were smart, savvy, and sexual with questions to ask, issues to raise and complaints to file. Welcome home my motley crew. But alas, I never let myself or my village get to comfortable. We are outgrowing this platform and it is time for new space. I am going to be rolling over to a new server that is much more dynamic and fewer limitations. I want to be forthcoming with my goals because I will never mislead. I do intend to begin slowly phasing out of the practice field of my profession and in to the theory. You know my head game is strong, but I give the hell out of some brain. This will be an unsettling change for myself more than anyone, so trust me when I say slow. This month I will be starting what I hope to be a lifetime of education with a course by Mistress Tara Indiana titled the neuroscience of kink and fetish. This is just one of hundreds of subjects that need covered in my search for truth and understanding in all matters of the oh so complicated sex, love and romance. My life’s work I can only hope will to bring comprehension and light to all of you. Solve the puzzle of monogamy. Reassess the institute of marraige. And lastly, to settle for nothing less than sheer bliss. Because I think it exists, and even though it may only be in the valleys-it’s there and not everyone has a knack for finding it and some that seek it are looking in the worst places. In my life I have experienced what loneliness is in the most gripping capacity. You can be lonely in a room with two hundred people. You can be lonely as one half of a couple, or as a free spirit with unique ideas living in a cookie cutter world with tract homes and Old Navy. Loneliness is a disease, a cancer of our society, but it can be cured and it doesn’t require friends, lovers or spouses. Ive treated so many afflicted and served graciously as the single serving friend they required to get them from point A to point B. I guess I’m at a point in my life where I hope to provide a remedy that is more sustaining.