I want to thank everyone that participated in last months Special where they revealed the results of their testosterone assessments. I want to share my thoughts on these results with all of you, and hopefully encourage the ones that declined participation to at the least go have their own assessments done. First of all, as a collective-results averaged to be 1/3 of the ideal testosterone count starting at age 30. This is very troubling-especially when u consider that I had a one off 40 year old that tested at 1200 to bring up the average. I should also disclose that said subject grew up in Peru and had only lived in the US for 5 years and grew the majority of his food. I had 2 clients that were mid 40s that had numbers below 100. To give u a idea of how low this is-realistically a 45 year old male with poor eating habits, a stagnant sex life and a non existent work out regimen can expect his testosterone to hit about 500-600 and ideally would want to supplement it to raise to 800-900. So riddle me that Batman. During this unprofessional study I conducted, my female shihtzu went in to heat. It was barely 3 days and my male did nothing more than howl everytime a human male went near her. I didn't think much of it until I spoke with a client of mine that has bred frenchies for years told me that his bitch had exhibited a very strange fertility cycle this year as well. I began obsessing over this subject matter almost a year ago, when I became increasingly concerned with decreasing functionality among my clients of all ages. What I deducted from my field experience was that functionality began decreasing unnoticeably at age 30, let's say 5 percent a year. It would be a gradual decline, effectively ramping the subject and partner down with the loss so not to cause alarm. By age 40 the subject is at 50% functionality but doesn't notice or even believe when intervention occurs bc he is still climaxing and the orgasm feels the same even tho his dick certainly does not. By age 50 the subject is essentially completely impotent and dependent on RX to get his dick wet. Good ole big pharma surprise surprise. This theory I'm explaining is for the sole purpose of demonstrating to you my opinion of how I believe impotency and marital dystopia is creeping up on the western world. I won't share with you my theory on the outcome of this crisis, bc I'm going to do everything I can to circumvent that. Gentlemen, I'm going to be frank. Your gender is about to be on the endangered species list and I'm not exaggerating. Coupled with the aforementioned war on ur hormones that is going on, there is another deviant campaign to neutralize ur heritage as well. Gender reassignment is being pushed on kids as young as 8 years old. Studies show that autistic males are 6 times more likely to opt for gender reassignment, as they are vulnerable subjects and often victims of bullies consequently putting them in chairs of government subsidized counselors that may or may not share the same interests you have for your children. Drag Queens are now visiting public libraries and schools for story hour and I have seen footage of boys and girls in grade school twerking and doing the splits with grown men in heels. This makes me want to throw up and then throw on a bomb laced vest and head to California. Think this isn't happening on ur turf? Think again-it's right in your backyard. This is right here in Phoenix guys-it's up to you to stand up for ur manhood, your future and for your children. If this information I am sharing with you is disarming and something you would rather not deal with I can provide you with the adress to a local bath house my best friend runs, so you can get a taste of what the future looks like if u don't step the fuck up. I've been very quiet this past year so I could avoid inflammatory subject matter. But I won't be quiet about this. Someone once explained to me that if I thought one person couldn't change the world I couldn't be more wrong. That it was in fact, unbeknownst to them-the moves of the tiny players in the game that actually changed history. Joe the mechanic, Sue the hairdresser...Dr. Mea Love, cock specialist and world renowned hooker to the most bad ass manliest men of western civilization. Men, I'm counting on you. If you are fathers, this is the time to make it count. Tell your sons what it means to be a man, how important the alpha gender is, and implore him to share any contact with an adult that tells him otherwise. If your children's schools are participating in the drag Queen story hour, assemble and protest that shit A S A P. And get to a clinic and assess your own manhood and start a program immediately to resolve any deficiency. If your doc attempts to halt testosterone increase at 500, contact me as I can supplement your hormone supply at cost ($60). ⭐️Important Fact: organizations like Child Protection Services are private entities contracted for public interest . They do not have a right to enter your home, if they come to your door and you tell them to hit the bricks they have to leave. If you let them in, you are now at the mercy of the state to scrutinize your parenting how they see fit. Never let these people fool you.
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