Some of you know me as Brooke, as in Brooke Banks. But I wear a lot of hats, so to speak. One if my favorite things I offer is Mias Playhouse. My condo is in downtown Phoenix, and over time has slowly evolved into a decadent French inspired cat house. It’s quite well known in the witching hours, from 2am to 8am, the Playhouse is thumping. Developing an accidental reputation for being up all nite, full of naked girls and an array of pharmaceuticals-it’s no wonder why. Lately I started thinking, I want to share Mia’s Playhouse with the bankers hours element of Society. And slowly the wheels set in motion and here we have Mia’s Playhouse Revue. The last Thursday of every month, 15 gentlemen will be invited to my debaucherous soirée so they may be ravished by two of my lady friends and myself. You can come before work, you can come at lunch. You can come open to close or you can come for 10 minutes. Whatever fits your needs most, were here for 12 hours and we invite you to come and go as you please and dare you to try and wear us out. So gentlemen, take your vitamins, jog some laps, and get ready. This is Mia’s Playhouse revue.
Mia’s Playhouse