For the first time in 20 years Mr. X actually believes there might be hope because I know there’s hope. It is not the end of the erotic road for Mr. X or for any of you out there. Your marriages, your relationships, and your orgasms are not at deaths door. You have a right to intimacy and satisfaction but if you don’t take the initiation to exercise that right I promise you it will fade away just like a muscle in atrophy. If any of this sounds familiar, please do not hesitate to reach out to me thru email or text. I have referrals of doctors that can treat you and specialists I suggest should you know a female that could be interested. Come to find out, hard ons aren’t just for you guys-we girls need to flex our lady bits too.
The past year, I experimented with hormone supplements and encouraged many of my clients to do the same. After elevating my sex drive to phenomenal heights and watching my clit go from flaccid to erect and orgasms from infrequent to actual real multiples-I began to wonder. What have we done to ourselves? Have we been volunteering for the FDA's passive take on a coed genocide? After experiencing my own clit mimic the characteristics of a tiny penis and thus resulting in much higher propensity of climax, it became very clear that American women could very likely be suffering from a testosterone deficiency. I wondered what the catalyst was for such a widespread epidemic and considered some of the likely consequences. After childbirth, many women find intimacy challenging. Post-partum weight gain coupled with a hormone upset (pituitary, adrenal, ovaries and thyroid) can make sex lack luster to say the least. The problem with this is, the effects can last up to 2 years. I have observed couples in the aftermath of enduring this death sentence, and it gets to the point where husband and wife feel awkward if they fing themselves in the same room when a very hot sex scene airs on the movie or tv show the pair are watching together. When relationships reach this point of distance, reconciliation is only a possibility if at least one if not both of the parties makes some serious efforts to reverse these bad habits. Personally I recommend hormonal replacement. I suggest primobalone, it’s meant for women as it doesn’t affect the estrogen. Estrogen is what makes us fat, estrogen is what makes us lose our hair and estrogen is what dairy actually tricks the body in to producing. Hormone treatment resulted in my clit functioning like it was supposed to: it got erect, it grew in size and it became more satisfactory in bed. Many of the men that I see have started their own testosterone treatments and I have encouraged them to make suggestions to their partners. My goal is not to keep clients for life. My goal is to work as a chemo, ridding your sex life of all it’s cancers and when you are healed-sending you back home whole and complete eager to recommit yourselves to your partner and open to having new experiences that were not a possibility before. Recently I started prescribing a new treatment to work in cadence with your supplements: vegetarianism. My client, we will call Mr. X, came over to see me for a long multi hour PNP. I started out the date with forcing him to watch the Netflix special. He wasn’t happy about it, he preferred to watch porn instead -but by the end of it he was compelled. See, when I saw Mr. X for the first time his testosterone was at 90. I was flabbergasted that a doctor would be so calloused to allow this type of deficit in hormonal levels to exist in his patients-people in his care. This can create suicidal thoughts in men, lack of energy, depression. After following my advice to begin testosterone treatments, his count increased to 350 and his doctors were actually satisfied with this number. I was not. I told him 350 was not going to suffice he would need to go extra measures Mr. X is diabetic, struggles with blood pressure and sexual functionality. After going on a vegetarian diet for two weeks he lost 7 pounds and his testosterone increased to 500. Please see pictures below taken from the study to get an idea of some of the numbers as a result of an experiment performed with 3 pro athletes.