If any of you have ever had the eye opening experience of working with women a lot of women in an office you know what backstabbing, petty, gossiping headaches they can be. It’s not pretty to see that side of woman and as much as I hate to admit it, I have that side me too-tho I try my best to defuse it as much as I can. Often in this industry, we providers try our best-most likely out of loneliness, because romantic relationships can be so complicated-we seek platonic friendships with our fellow providers for many reasons: they understand our schedules, they don’t get offended when we jump up in the middle of dinner, throw the money down the table and run out to the car, they can afford to go shopping with you at stores to your other friends can’t, and they don’t feel uncomfortable with the fact your tits are hanging out every where you go. But why is it that every time a platonic relationship between two providers inevitably ends, it becomes messier The Brangelinas divorce? Why is it that in the business of love, it is full of so much hate? I know you guys of heard it and I know you know what’s going on. You go see your favorite provider and slowly the subliminal messages start seeping into the session, she launches a slow eroding campaign of mudslinging against another female in the industry. Maybe it makes you uncomfortable or maybe it’s entertaining, maybe you contribute to the conversation and detail your own experiences with the provider, not thinking anything of it-let me express to you greatly how damaging this small menial act can be. You see, what happens on the service side of this business is there’s bullying, there’s jealousy, there’s envy and there’s a lot of games. I myself have been a target, I watched my peers become targets-it’s not pretty what some girls do. They gang up on others because they’re insecure, they’re jealous and they want something that someone else has because they can’t be happy with their own life. It is sad, I don’t have everything- but I love what I got and I play the hand I was dealt, and if you ask me I’m trump tight. I’m asking you gentlemen-I’m establishing a new rule-if you hear another provider say another females name in your presence Im asking you: (a)first of all to refuse to engage, do not offer one word of insight and (b) if the mudslinging persists: STOP SEEING THE PROVIDER. Because your involvement with this dysfunction is poisoning the culture of professional companionship. And if you want the pool of acceptable and desirable ladies to get smaller and smaller-go right ahead and yuk it up like a 12 year old girl about her peers. But if your a real man, that is interested in meeting strong women that are confident, dynamic and interesting-take heed to my words. I have dealt with a lot of this type of attack in my time. A direct quote from a recent text thread with a long time client: “Yeah. And u have always been good to me and never hurt me. U have always kept ur word and been good to me. She wasn’t and showed me even more how real and great person u are that it was the truth. She is just mean and for no reason. I don’t know what to tell u. I don’t know why psychos are mean to innocent ppl who are nice and try to help. Would say this or that about someone. Said things about u that weren’t nice and I defended u and I told her they were untrue. She tries to tarnish your reputation or breakdown your relationships any way she can and Idk why...” While a victim, I never felt compelled to voice my concerns to the community. I kept my head up, deterred the temptation to defend myself, and waited for it all to come out in the wash. I have the patience of a saint, though not the imagination of one😘. Recently, the harassment seemed to plateau but I’m not so foolish to think that the perpetrator has evolved beyond the pettiness. Just as I suspected, she has a new victim. Only this time, she may have bitten off a little more than she can chew. Because this young lady has legs and stamina in our sub culture, makes me look like a novice. Not only that, but a clear pattern is beginning to be developed. My hope is that none of you have to be subjected to this kind of tension and negativity when your trying to indulge your self and unwind-you certainly won’t be at Mia’s Playhouse. But if in fact you are, stand up, walk out and call me. I’ll give you 50% off for taking a stand against a bully.